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2019 Walgenbach Entomology Lab Crew

Front row (L to R): Cooper Dalton, Amelia Heintz-Botz, Jim Walgenbach, Sean Gresham, Tom Bilbo, Seth Ellis. Back row: Steve Schoof, Taylor Ackley, Alex Lines.

Permanent lab members

Jim WalgenbachDr. Jim Walgenbach has been the principal investigator of the entomology lab at the MHCREC since 1986. He conducts an applied research and extension program on the ecology and management of arthropod pests of tree fruits and vegetables.
Tom BilboDr. Tom Bilbo is a postdoctoral researcher who joined the lab in April 2019. Tom focuses on improving biological control of spider mites and thrips in fruiting vegetables.
Amelia Heintz-BotzAmelia Heintz-Botz has been a research assistant in the lab since 2018. She maintains the lab colonies and works in the field using biocontrol agents for two spotted spider mites and brown marmorated stink bugs.
Emily OgburnEmily Ogburn joined the lab as a research associate in 2014. Emily works on brown marmorated stink bug ecology, with a focus on biological control and native parasitoids.
Steve SchoofSteve Schoof started as a summer assistant in 1996 and became a full-time research specialist in 2004. He facilitates operations, monitors regional insect populations, and delivers information to stakeholders.

Additional Resources

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