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Selected Publications

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  6. Gardner, R.G. 1992. ‘Mountain Spring’ tomato; NC 8276 and NC 84173 tomato breeding lines. HortScience 27:1233-1234.
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  11. Gardner, R.G. and P.B. Shoemaker. 1999. ‘Mountain Supreme’ early blight-resistant hybrid tomato and its parents, NC EBR-3 and NC EBR-4 tomato breeding lines. HortScience 34:745-746.
  12. Gardner, R.G. 2000. ‘Sun Leaper’, a hybrid tomato, and its parent, NC HS-1. HortScience 35:960-961.
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  14. Gardner, R.G. 2000. A male-sterile cherry tomato breeding line, NC 2C ms-10, aa. HortScience 35:964-965.
  15. Gardner, R.G. 2000. ‘Carolina Gold’, a hybrid tomato; and its parents, NC 1Y and NC 2Y. HortScience 35:966-967.
  16. Gardner, R.G. 2006. ‘Mountain Crest’ hybrid tomato and its parent line, NC 1 rinEC. HortScience 41:261-262.
  17. Gardner, R.G. 2006. ‘Plum Crimson’ hybrid tomato and its parents, NC EBR-7 and NC EBR-8. HortScience 41:259-260.
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  20. Robbins, M.D., Masud, M.A.T., Panthee, D.R., Gardner, R.G., Francis, D.M. and Stevens, M.R. (2010). Marker assisted selection for coupling phase resistance to Tomato spotted wilt virus and late blight in tomato. HortScience, 45: 1424-1428.
  21. Panthee, D.R. and Gardner, R.G. 2010. ‘Mountain Merit’: A late blight resistant large-fruited hybrid tomato. HortScience, 45: 1547-1548.
  22. Gardner, R.G. and Panthee, D.R. 2010. Grape tomato breeding lines: NC 1 Grape, NC 2 Grape and NC 3 Grape. HortScience, 45: 1887-1888.

Dilip R. Panthee, Ph.D.
Randolph G. Gardner, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus
Mountain Horticultural Crops Research & Extension Center
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